Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shameless Sunday Snapshots: 3/17/2012

We're participating once again in Life in These Times' Shameless Sunday Snapshots. What better way to show off the fun celebration of Little E's first birthday!

Let's explain the birthday bruises: To celebrate her first two days of being 1 she gave herself one bruise per day. So, on Friday she conked her head on the coffee table and gave herself the beautiful shiner above her left eye. On Saturday, before her party, she somehow fell in her crib and gave herself the gash below her right eye. Still smiling, though :)

That would be her frilly butt in the top right corner.

The obligatory cupcake smashing photo. 
The Life of the Party.

My Pinterest creation - a balloon wreath (without having to blow them up!)

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  1. LOVE that balloon wreath! Thanks for linking up!!!